March News

Good Morning Friends and Prayer Partners,

What a busy time this is for Faith Steps! Because we, (Ray and I), will soon end our ministry at Great Bridge Baptist Church, and begin to follow our new path of ministry, I wanted to send you an update. There are so many good things happening and I pray your hearts will be blessed by hearing about it all.

Heavenly Helpers ~ This is the new division of Faith Steps. Our last Sunday at Great Bridge Baptist will be March 23rd, and with Ray’s retirement, he has joined up with the work of Faith Steps. Together we will be ministering as Heavenly Helpers in churches that have limited resources and staff. As many of you know, we hosted a Ministry Launch in February. This was an exciting time of sharing how God is leading us in this endeavor. It’s something we had always dreamed of doing in our retirement. I asked for prayer for The Bridge Network of Churches Ministry Fair. What a great day that was for us! We met so many pastor’s in need of our ministry. We had 10 pastor’s signing up for future contact and ministry. We also had two who believed so much in what we were doing, that while they didn’t personally need our help, they signed on to be volunteers! Just this week, Ray met with a pastor on the peninsula who wants us to come to his church and help them know how to establish a senior adult ministry. God is amazing us with opportunities! We thank Him and praise Him for the gifts given to Faith Steps to support the launching of this new endeavor. Everything we have needed, God is providing!

Faith Steps ~ I am so pleased to let you know that a wonderful door of ministry has opened in an area where I have not ever been invited to speak, lead, and minister. I will be leading a Women’s Rally on Sunday, April 27th in the western branch of Suffolk. There will be 10 churches invited to this event with prayers that 200-250 will attend. How I praise God for this open door and the possibility of getting into other churches in the future. Please pray with me for this event and ask God to give us a full house.

LIVE ~ I am nearing completion of this Bible study. I am looking forward to soon promoting it. LIVE is an acrostic for Love, Integrity, Vision, and Excellence. I am so thankful for your prayers as I complete this work and allow God to send it out.

Laban Ministries International ~ We continue to collect new and gently used jewelry items: pierced earrings, necklaces, bracelets. We will receive these through March 31st. They will be given to the ladies graduating from the Laban Women’s Literacy School.
I have wonderful news to share with you about their new churches. “Nine months ago, we planted a new church in the village of Nkara, about 3 miles away, and this past Sunday, the attendance was over 900. The political agenda offered by the other church in this village had left its attenders weary and hungry for the Word of God now preach and taught by the Pastors Isaac and Mupia in the new palm-frond structure. The Nkara church along with our own campus church, a new church at Longo, as well as the one at Ntshiangobo are drawing the young and the older to services worth attending.” How we praise God for the Holy Spirit drawing these people to the truth! Please continue to pray as we know with certainty, this is not an easy area for the gospel to spread.

Raised Hands for Africa Ministries ~ We are currently raising money to complete the playground project for the children of Rwanda. We will need nearly $800 for a slide and a see-saw. What a joy it is for me to look at the Raised Hands for Africa Facebook page and see the pictures of these children playing on the playground we have been a part of establishing! Take the time to view their page and let yourself be blessed as well.

So much has been shared here and I thank you for taking the time to read it all. I ask even now as I write, for God to pour out his love and grace over your life and families. I ask Him to empower us to do even more than we have spoken about in these words written. Let’s together, give Him all the glory! Please continue to keep in touch with us. We will remain living in Chesapeake and look forward to continuing to be a part of your lives. Always share your need for prayer as well.

Servants together,
Pat & Ray Owens


February Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Hope this finds you staying warm wherever you are. We’ve been snowed under, just as many of you have been where you are. We’re looking to the heavens and praying for spring! Speaking of the heavens, I’m reminding everyone about our Heavenly Helpers Ministry Launch next Saturday. This is an opportunity for Ray and I to share how God is leading us as we transition into retirement. It’s not a fundraiser, it’s an opportunity for us to share our vision for reaching out to churches with limited staff and resources, while continuing to allow God to use our lives for His glory. Please Come!

Pat & Ray are Heavenly Helpers
They’re Offering Ministry to Churches with Limited Staff and Resources
You’re invited to attend a Ministry Presentation/Volunteer Enlistment
Saturday, February 8th, 2-4 PM
Great Bridge Baptist Church Multi-Purpose Room
If Attending, RSVP ~ 757-547-3901


The ladies of the Laban Ministries Women’s Literacy School will be graduating. They are given both a Bible and other gifts upon their graduation. I’m sending out a call for PIERCED Earrings, Necklaces and/or Bracelets. These are treasured gifts for these women. Also, if you wish to donate for this cause, the money will help to pay the cot of cargo airline weight carrying them to the Congo. Let’s join together and bless these women! Bring donations to Ray’s office at church, or call me to arrange pick-up.


I want everyone to know, I am continuing to minister to women, in many of the same ways that Faith Steps has done over these last 10 years. I’m praying for God to lead me in His path He has not yet opened the venue for the Women’s Evenings of Fellowship. Cost makes it prohibitive in many places. It’s all in God’s time and His way.

Blessings Everyone,

Pat Owens


A New Year

2014 opens with a lot of excitement for opening doors of ministry for both Ray and I. Ray will be retiring in three months from his ministry at Great Bridge Baptist Church. What wonderful memories we have of the 20 plus years of fellowship and service. God has certainly carried us through many life events, some expected and some God’s amazing way of redirecting us to His will for our lives.

We are currently in such a time as this. We will be launching our new endeavor of ministry together We give thanks to God for having served two large churches in our 40 plus years of ministry together. We saw in our years of ministry that we were blessed in ways other pastors of small churches don’t experience . We’ve had churches with multiple staff, large buildings, and great resources. We always said that in retirement we would like to give back service and ministry to those of smaller congregations or church plants just beginning to grow. We are excited to launch Heavenly Helpers, a ministry that will operate under Faith Steps and will offer our service, as well as those who would like to be a part of ministry teams. We will host a ministry launch on Saturday, Feb. 8th, 2-4 PM at Great Bridge Baptist Church—Multi Purpose Room

Faith Steps News

Faith Steps Women’s Evening of Fun: So many have asked if I will continue doing women’s events as I have done in the past. It is definitely my plan to continue and I am working to finalize an upcoming event. MORE TO CXOME!

Ministries that Faith Steps Supports

Laban Ministries International — Please continue to visit their website at: You will be so blessed by the tremendous harvest God is bringing about before our Lord returns.

Raised Hands for Africa— New ventures of a shelter ministry are occurring so visit their site too. — sponsors the children’s orphanage in Rwanda

Blessings Everyone! We pray a new year that holds blessings and opportunities as well!

Join Pat and Ray Owens as they launch a new ministry. Come and see how you can be involved in ministering to churches with limited resources.
Saturday, Feb. 8th, 2-4PM
RSVP—Prior to Jan. 25th at 547-3901

Heavenly Helpers